Pitchforks (and hydrant wrenches) aloft!

Flower Power! We are neighbors who are interested in bringing some botanical beauty to the bike-lane
tree pits so we have persuaded the city to allow us to garden there unimpeded. Anyone is welcome to
join at any level of involvement. There are no dues and no formal meetings; Just a desire to keep
Chelsea tree-lined and flower-filled. Join us!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Need Volunteers April 30

Twenty first street could use our help. (And you might learn a thing or two). Bring whatever tools you have and dig in. Saturday from 10a-4p on 21st Street between 8th and 9th Avenues.

Flower Power!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Garden Workshop on the Highline April 30!

April 30: Divide & Grow Garden Workshop

Join us for a garden workshop, where you will learn how to divide clumps of grasses and perennials, and take home a special plant from the park to grow in your own garden.

As the High Line's perennials and grasses mature, some grow into ever-widening clumps that must be divided to keep the plants vigorous and blooming. Spring is an ideal time for dividing many plants since it marks the start of the growing cycle.

This High Line program is $15 for members of Friends of the High Line, $20 for non-members, and is designed for ages 13 and up. Please visit our Event Calendar to purchase tickets or to learn more.

Danya Sherman
Director of Public Programs, Education, & Community Engagement
Friends of the High Line
(212) 206-9922

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pit Guidelines

Phyllis has gotten approval for our final planting and tending guidelines. She spent an enormous amount of time not only putting them together, but getting everyone's input and approval. Be sure to take a look at them as we are relying on the kindness of the various city agencies and I want us all to be conscious of their wishes, especially as we are the test case for the rest of the city pits. A big responsibility for such small spaces.


The care of the tree pit begins in late April and ends at the first frost (usually mid-November).

1. Clean the tree pit at the beginning of spring.
2. Flush the tree pit with lots of water to remove salt deposits.
3. Mix in a thin layer of compost annually (maximum ½ inch in depth).
4. Use a hand cultivator (looks like a three-pronged claw) to loosen and aerate the top 1” to 2” of soil. The majority of the tree’s roots are in the top 18 inches of soil, so be gentle!
5. Plant annuals, perennials or bulbs until your heart’s content. (No vegetables, please.) For plant and flower suggestions, go to the Chelsea Garden Club blog at http://chelseagardenclub.blogspot.com.
6. Give newly planted trees about 10-15 gallons of water each week during the summer. That’s about 4-5 large buckets. Give trees older than one year about 8-10 gallons of water. That’s about 3-4 large buckets. The key is to water slowly.
7. Add a layer of mulch to the tree pit. Please don’t pile mulch against the tree trunk or shrubs because water may accumulate and rot them.
8. Please remove any weeds often.
9. At the end of the season, please remove annuals and cut back shrubs.

1. Do not plant flowers that will grow taller than 2 feet. The line of sight, sight distance and visibility of motorists approaching these locations are important.
2. Do not plant bamboo, ivy, vines, woody shrubs or evergreens since they compete for water and can stunt or kill a tree.
3. Avoid planting near the tree trunk up to 12 inches.
4. For now, please do not put fencing, stones, signs or blocks around or inside of the tree pit.
5. Never raise the soil level more than ½ inch.
6. If the tree dies or be destroyed, it will be replaced by NYC Dept. of Parks. The Dept. of Parks will replace a dead tree, but any flowers or plants in the pit will be removed when a new tree is planted.

1. All gardeners must be 21 years of age or older.
2. Wear gloves.
3. Bag and dispose of any garbage properly.
4. Try to recycle what materials can be recycled.
5. MOST IMPORTANTLY, BE CAREFUL when working in a tree pit. You have traffic on one side and bikes on the other. We want you to enjoy your tree pit creations.

The Chelsea Garden Club reports into Community Board 4. Our direct contact is Jim Jasper.