Pitchforks (and hydrant wrenches) aloft!

Flower Power! We are neighbors who are interested in bringing some botanical beauty to the bike-lane
tree pits so we have persuaded the city to allow us to garden there unimpeded. Anyone is welcome to
join at any level of involvement. There are no dues and no formal meetings; Just a desire to keep
Chelsea tree-lined and flower-filled. Join us!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Three Hour Tour!

Our little group was looking fresh and enthusiastic at the start of our 13-block, 3-hour tour of the bicycle-lane tree pit gardens. I will download the rest of the photos in a day or two. Check back to see how we fared.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

2014 Chelsea Garden Club Tour-Part I

Let's all get together to view the beautiful bicycle-lane tree pits along Ninth Avenue as well as meet our newest gardeners, celebrate the flowers, and curse the weeds, theft and vandalism. We can walk Eight Avenue at a later date or, if everyone is feeling frisky, walk both Eighth and Ninth on the same day. Here are the details: The Chelsea Garden Club Pit Tour (Ninth Avenue leg) is on Saturday, August 16 at 9AM. Let's meet at the pits at Ninth Ave. and 17th Street and we will then walk (slowly) North up Ninth Avenue and end at about 30th Street. See you then and Flower Power!